Treasure’s Report FY2023 – 2/6/24 General Membership Meeting

The Cherry Run PTA Silent Auction is coming and needs donations!

This year’s silent auction will be held March 11th- March 18th. Proceeds from the silent auction have purchased needed classroom technology, a sound system, classroom gear, and thousands of books for the library in the past few years. If you would like to donate or have an idea for a business you would like to …

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Treasure’s Report FY 2023 – 1/9/24 General Membership Meeting

Treasures Report FY2023 – 01/09/2024

For the November PTA Meeting Wednesday, November 15 , 7:30 – 8:30pm

Treasurer’s Report   Proposed Budget   Dial in Number was emailed on Nov 15 at 6pm.

CRES Pumpkin Patch Contest

Deadline to enter is 10/19. You are welcome to bring your pumpkin into school and display it in the main hallway starting Oct 18th. Two rules for bringing pumpkins in “no cutting/carving of the pumpkin” and you must pick up the pumpkin by Oct 27th or it will be thrown away!

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CRES Fall Festival

For the October PTA Meeting

  CRES PTA Meeting Minutes 2023-0907 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Treasurer’s report – presented 10.5.23